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A valuable partnership also includes a closer and more customized relationship

We are well known in the packaging Market for our high capacity infrastructure, our solutions and deliveries. This, along with tradition and the way we engage with our clients, is what sets us apart. Since 1992 we value a closer more personal  relationship with our clients. Here at Raízes you can always count on a perceptive eye, on commitment, on privacy and on an open dialogue with someone who understands each detail of our operation: the company’s founder and our main executive Roberto Avila Pereira Jr.  

Our great expertise available to your brand.

Founded in 1992 and currently with two units– one in the state of Rio de Janeiro and one in the state of Minas Gerais – we develop customized packages for different sized companies and segments. Since April 2021, Raízes has in the unit from Rio de Janeiro the new Autoblow 25L/D COEX-3, which produces 3-layer packaging. With each project, each production step and each detail in our packages, we offer our clients a state of the art technology, high quality, exclusiveness and innovation alongside efficiency and experience. Our biggest commitment is to manufacture products that meet your company’s needs and exceed the final consumer’s expectations. Our infrastructure produces 18 million vials and 800 thousand 5 to 20 liter plastic drums and employs 150 specialized professionals in all segments of operation.

production capacity
Quality Policy
“Raízes is a plastic package manufacturer that aims to please its clients. In order to make this happen, we make sure to meet all applicable requisites, seeking continuous improvement and creating values for clients, collaborators, suppliers and shareholders.”

The constant commitment to exellence.

Our infrastructure and all our packages manufacturing processes meet the quality and safety standard and hold, since 2007, the main quality certificate iso 9001.

iso 9001

ISO 9001 – the world renowned international standard for a quality management system (“QMS”), used by organizations that wish to prove their capacity in providing products and services that meet each clients’ needs. Its goal is to enhance the client’s satisfaction through improving the process and the conformity assessment.